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A Web Hosting Story About Fraud?

I have chosen this post this hosting topic because it looked interesting for me and i hope you'll find it useful. It is based on a thread opened in Web Hosting Talk, titled "Tim Petty Investigation".

"Please e-mail your details to [email protected] if you have been defrauded by Tim Petty, posts a WH member named "sailor". The explains that  the person who answers email [email protected] is a "special agent with the FBI" in Atlanta. The user "sailor" has also explained that he is moving forward to requesting wire fraud charges to be investigated and brought against the person named Tim Petty.

This thread is obviously a serious one, so the next post to it can be considered as "funny".

"Every FBI agent I know, uses an email address that ends in fbi.gov for official business. Granted I only know 5 FBI agents, but all 5 will not use a 3rd party email service, let alone a free one like yahoo, for work purposes.  Not to mention they usually aren't referred to as "detectives" but rather "agents", "field officer", "federal agent", "investigator", or something along those lines."

Without disputing the comments made by above by forum member "Acronym BOY" I would not miss to say that they have nothing to do with the original thread. It is probably a good example of what anyone would not do when participating to any serious discussions. In other words, one would probably don;t need to pay smart.

As you can see that the person who opened the original thread on web hosting fraud is quite surprised about the response he got from the "Acronym BOY". That's why he was a bit sarcastic.

"I'm happy for you. Are you attempting to impune the validity of my statement of fact? I am not sure what your goal is?", asks the user named "sailor". He wrote:

"Can you please explain - unless you are saying that he is not an agent? Please explain yourself. Are you implying that I have posted false information? Are you a friend or business associate of Tim? I can see no other reason for your trying call this into question. I will get his official email if it will amke you feel better. Another person looking at it is [email protected] She is a member of their special cyber crimes group in San Jose, CA. Feel better?

There is always someone more rational who asks the real question which needs to be answered. And as you can imagine, this question is "Who is Tim Petty?. This one was posted by WHT user from St Louis. MO, who calls himself "DigiCrime". He adds that "That name sounds familiar" and mentioned that he "had a server with dv2 and it went dead as )&(*$@, any relevance to this?".

The guys named "sailor", who represents a hosting provider called Net Dopot, answered: "No. That was another customer who apparently went out of business. Do a search on him. You can also search on Timmy and Timah you will find a large garbage can full of rubish on him".

Here comes "Aussie Bob" a user of WHT with the impressive number of posts more than 23,000 (23,327 up to this one) who makes the conversation interesting by asking "Sailor - so you're going after "Timmy". This is probably about to say that the thread posted by "sailor" is one of private interest and might not be relevant to be posted in WHT. Of course "Aussie Bob" probably didn't make a suggestions like this, but this came to my mind while reading the topic.

Another Australian WHT user named "patox" posted on the thread "So...? Whos the rip? Not DV2 obviously." This makes "sailor" to get anxious. He wrote: "More Timmy lovers. You and creedance must love Timmy. You disgust me. Someone else did that site - it was supposed to be done and replaced by now. We did not rip anything. Why do you people keep trying to sidetrack things? Are you incollusion with Tim? Are you that STUPID?".

Despite that "sailor" has become pretty harsh here, I still didn't understand what is all about? No one explained up to this point.

"Drop the attitude, this is not going to get you anywhere, we all hate Tim. BTW, I am sure he has read this post, so you better move fast, if this investigation of yours is any good. You can start by searching WHT, you will find TONS of useful information, you might even hit couple of my thread, that stated my experience with the Tim. We all wish you luck.", says user named "Web Rhino".

On the second page of the thread comes "Lesli" who says something which was better to be clarified in the original thread.

Any time someone wants to do business with me using a Yahoo account, I become very very leery of their validity. Yahoo.com email accounts are not for business purposes, unless the person in question actually works for Yahoo. If someone is a federal agent, I expect to see a .gov email address. When I read your original post yesterday, I wondered what an FBI agent was doing using a Yahoo email account to gather information - or whether that FBI agent was genuine.

The Internet makes it easy for dishonest people to scam others (like the aforementioned Tim). Being cautious about whom you do business with is one way to avoid some of the flimflam artists. Just out of idle curiosity - why didn't you mention their .gov address in your first post?

A WHT user "treycopeland86" from Kentucky aded "I have been scammed by this individual recently. Has anyone else had any contact with him or been scammed by Timothy Petty recently? He has written me a cold check and I have prosecuted him with the County Attorney."

The original thread  Tim Petty Investigation is still open. Check it. More interesting information is about to be published soon.

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